Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jon @ 31 years

On Monday Jon turned 31!

Because he had to work (adulting sucks) we had a birthday brunch at home. The food was so good it was pretty much all gone before I had a chance to take any pictures! We had roasted red pepper, spinach, and goat cheese omelets with homemade strawberry pastries. mmmmmm :)

loving Edwin's super-cheesy-squinty-eyed face right here!

After brunch we had a Nutella chocolate cake! Turns out it is possible to overdo it a little on the ganache... it dripped over the whole cake and pooled on the cake stand, haha! Next time I'll remember that less is more ;)

Jon was completely spoiled by friends and family on his birthday. :) I got him a new pair of hiking boots, because his old ones went to hiking-boot-heaven a couple years ago, and he definitely needed some for our Year of America with all the camping we'll be doing!

Amongst other things, Jon received cards, birthday care packages, a new edition of Munchkin, lots of yummy candy and treats, and a NEW CELL PHONE. (*cue angels singing*)

He had his last one for about 6 years. It would randomly shut off on him, you could only talk on speaker phone, and it was very much an old-non-smart phone, so it was getting increasingly harder to text with him and take pictures--or do much of anything--because his phone was not compatible with any type of emoji or fun. NOW his phone is extremely more fancy than mine. It even tells you how many more minutes until it reaches a full battery charge when you have it plugged in! The reason he held off on getting a new phone for so long was because he did not want a touch screen keyboard. In the end, Blackberry came out with a genius new phone called the PRIV which is the same size as my Samsung Galaxy S5, has curved edges like the Edge, with the same Android OS and touch screen capabilities, but with the added addition of a slide-up screen that has a full tangible keyboard underneath! (like the old Chocolate phones from around 2006) It's basically Jon's dream phone. Everything he ever wanted, including an 18 mp camera... are you kidding me??

Jon's coworkers even made his day at Porter's special by decorating his car and bringing him cupcakes and cookies. #spoiled

Let's also not forget that we surprised Jon a few days before his birthday with a bowling night!

The kids helped me make mini Nutella cheesecakes in homemade chocolate cookie cups (*swoon!*), and then we rocked out at Fat Cat's with an hour of bowling! (Which I am still totally sore from, btw.)

The night was so fun, that this is the only shot I actually got of anyone really bowling, HAHA!

Who says that getting older means your birthdays can't be amazing??
Happy birthday, Jon!!
Showing that third decade of life who's boss. ;)

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Elder and Sister Alston said...

What an amazing birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with all of you.