Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Micke Grove

This week we got to meet up with our awesome friends, the Jacksons, at Micke Grove park in Lodi. :)

Rexburg is a really cool place where you make friends, and then college spits them out and they all move away. We met Jason and Lara our first semester at BYUI in the fall of 2014. They have been married just a few months longer than us, and the guys instantly bonded over their love of film and storytelling. By the next summer, Jason transferred to a school in PA (boo!) and so they took 3-week old Brighton and moved across the country. :( It has been a year and a half since we last saw them, and now they have little Sawyer too! Thank goodness for the California sunshine bringing us back together. ;)

The kids hit it off instantly and really enjoyed playing together. Brighton is very skilled at giving hugs. :D

We had a beautiful day at the park!

that moment when you realize the bumpy slide was not a good idea...

Kate LOVES catching bugs and inspecting them closely. She just watches them walk around and asks questions about how they move. She is very gentle and always puts them back in a safe place. It is one of my favorite things to watch her watching them.

One of my favorite pictures from the day was of Lara and Sawyer laughing together:

As soon as I took it I remembered I had one almost exactly like it of Lara and Edwin from years ago :) I'm so glad I found it!

It's awesome to see Lara now with her own babies. She is such a great mom :)

Even though we only got to hang out for a couple hours, it was awesome to reconnect with our families! I doubt Jason and Lara will ever be able to convince us to move down to St. George, but maybe our Northern California beauty will bring them back up here and closer to us again someday. At least we'll always have Micke Grove. ;)

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