Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kate & Wynn @ 4 & 3

Katherine and Edwin are great little buddies.

They really look out for each other and want to make sure that they both get to play, have treats, and are taken care of. Kate is such a cute big sister. Like this moment when they came in from the pool and Kate wrapped her towel around Edwin and said, "Aw, little puppy Edwin, I'll take care of you!"

They are at the age now where we rarely do baths together. Instead the kids take showers on their own. I feel like it's just another milestone that shows how fast they are growing up and that they aren't little babies anymore. :(

Both kids love libraries and book stores, enjoy gardening, get really excited about helping around the house, and they have great memories for events, facts, and other random information.

Kate and Edwin LOVE primary songs, and it's all we listen to and sing together in the car (well, that and they occasionally request the soundtrack to Trolls or want a song by Imagine Dragons, haha!)

Both kids are little chatterboxes and will talk non-stop to anyone who will listen. (As Pat, our hiking guide around Madora Lake, learned last week on our camping trip.)

Bird watching with Pat @ Madora Lake - Plumas Eureka State Park

While we were camping and hiking the kids asked a MILLION questions, which was awesome!

They said their favorite part of camping was hiking, walking around the campground, campfire gatherings, and fort building with the Junior Rangers. (They also loved roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate!)


Kate is a bright and funny little girl who LOVES to learn.

Every time we are in the car she asks us how to spell certain words and she points out letters on buildings or cars we drive by. She is fascinated with bugs, flowers, and animals. Kate likes to collect leaves and flowers and give them to us as presents whenever possible.

Her artwork has increased in detail and personal style over this past year. She most often draws pictures of our whole family, and makes sure to add fingers, toes, ears, hair, and belly buttons. ;)

Kate loves to play dress up, and especially enjoys playing dinosaurs and pirates with her friends.

She is 36" tall, weighs 35 lbs, her clothing fits true to size, growing out of size 4 clothes into size 5T, and is in size 8-9 toddler shoes.

Kate is becoming more confident at praying on her own, and it's so sweet to listen to! She also tries to recite her articles of faith by memory (she got really close on number 3 the other day!) and her favorite primary song is "Nephi's Courage".

Kate's favorite foods are BURRITOS, goldfish crackers, pb & chocolate chip Larabars, blackberries, applesauce fruit pouches, and peanut butter with just a spoon.


Edwin is a sweetheart.

He still loves to cuddle, sit on my lap, and LOVES his blankie. (That thing will definitely be going to college with him.)

He still sucks his thumb occasionally and always wants to be near me.

Edwin is also very physical and brave. He jumps, climbs, runs, and powerhouses through as much playtime as he can pack in. He likes to play with pretend weapons (swords, shooting things like guns or arrows) and enjoys kicking, punching, and smashing. I promise we don't watch violent shows HAHA! He is just a very fun rough-and-tumble little boy. :)

Edwin is 33" tall, weighs 31 lbs, his clothing fits true to size in 3T, and he is in size 7 shoes.

Edwin likes to pray on his own, as long as he can say it in his head. ;) He likes when we practice the articles of faith during family home evening, and his favorite primary song is "I Want to be a Missionary Now".

Edwin's favorite foods are hot dogs, green smoothies, PICKLES, pb & chocolate chip Larabars, strawberries, apple fruit leather, and goat cheese.

I love these sweet kids and watching them grow!

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